Share Your Story

As graduate students who care deeply about the needs of our colleagues, we are committed to gathering and disseminating the truth about the graduate student experience. We need your help to better build a strong and compelling case for the improvement of our teaching and research conditions.

Do you feel that the climate in your department is inclusive and welcoming to women and minorities (LGBTI)? *
Does your department focus on the climate as a significant aspect or important issue to put effort into? *
Is your department or are your faculty open and supportive of reporting and addressing Sexual assault and harassment? *
Has there been sexual assault or harassment within your department? *
Have you or anyone you know experienced retaliation for reporting sexual assault or harassment? *
Have there been any abuses of power, exploitation of grad students, and/or junior faculty in your department? *
Are there any faculty inappropriately positioned that have access to undergraduate/graduate students who should have not access? *
Are there any title IX cases currently open within your department? *
Has the Title IX or EAD office failed to provide justice to you or someone you know? *
Has the Title IX or EAD office adequately addressed or resolved claims against faculty? *
Has something about the Title IX or EAD procedure left you unprotected or vulnerable? *
Has there been any cases of faculty interfering with these offices’ procedure? *
Can we share your testimony publicly? (For example, at town halls, on the website, in fliers) *