For Authors

Submissions are: Open.

Requirements in Outline

  • Teach us something. Or, make us feel. Illustrate a provocative, illuminating, or poignant example from history, literature, or science.
  • Make your point in 1 - 1000 words.
  • By submitting, you grant us non-exclusive, electronic publication on our site in perpetuity.
  • We license everything on the Grad Workers Forward! site, including Voices, under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. If you do not agree, do not submit to Voices.
  • You must own rights to whatever you submit to us.
  • We try to respond within 3 weeks, if not much sooner.

What We Publish

Voices is the blog of Grad Workers Forward! Most broadly, it is a public forum for issues that matter. We publish short pieces (1 - 1000 words) that touch on themes of workers' rights, social justice, social awareness, or related themes in history, politics, and ethics. We do not publish rants, dissertations, or incoherent sermons.

We prefer pieces that advance a single idea. The piece should devote itself to supporting, detailing, or arguing for that point.

We appreciate clarity and rigor. But we are more descriptivists than prescriptivsts about grammar and style. And we consider style a matter of courtesy; the best style allows the audience to understand the author's point in the easiest way possible. And since we do not assume any background on our readers' behalves, we recommend making your piece as accessible as possible.

We are open to any political persuasion, granted the point is not demonstrably racist, misogynist, homophobic, ableist, xenophobic, or pejoratively discriminatory. Totalitarianism can lean left or right. And all unreasoned assumptions are up for challenge. What is not, however, is our violent aversion to shoddy history or blatant disregard of fact.

We allow simultaneous submissions. We will publish it if we like it and if you own the rights. But most other venues do not allow their authors to publish the same piece in multiple places at the same time. It is your, the author's, responsibility to know. Most other venues don't even want you to have published the piece on your own blog or social media accounts. We, however, don't mind.

If we publish your piece, we are acknowledging that it passes the common-sense checks of at least two of our Staff. Most of the staff have advanced degrees from accredited universities. And if you do not trust our credentials, we are fine with you dismissing our peer review process as biased. Do not submit if you do not like us. It would be one less e-mail we have to read and respond to anyway.

We must also emphasize: the opinions expressed by each author do not reflect Voices or any mentioned institution or group. They remain the sole responsibility of the author themselves.

Helpful Hints

To help your chances at being published, we want you to give us your best effort. Teach us something we did not know, or put something we all know and feel in a particularly insightful or poignant way.

Be warned, though, we do not appreciate "devil's advocates," as the Darklord has many pedigreed litigators on retainer, and really, we have met lots of Satanists who were more delightful, rational, and polite than many bigots. Consider whose ideas you are defending and whether they actually need defense.

If you have any questions about our process, feel free to message us via our Contact page.

How to Submit

Submit using our online Submissions page. We do not accept mailed submissions, and we do not read anything sent to any of our staff's emails directly.